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MT: Being a little girl In Martial Arts..

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  • MT: Being a little girl In Martial Arts..

    Being a little girl In Martial Arts.. By TapouT - 06-21-2012 02:45 PM


    *Im new here btw.. My names Abby
    About a little over a month ago I join Judo and Jiu Jitsu and I am 16.. And I love it Im actually pretty good, and Ive done taekwondo when I was littler too. But anyways... People are scared to throw me and everything because Im "fragile" what they say.. There scared there going to break me And I kinda have a hard time throwing the other girls because I am little... So Ive been gaining weight/strength.
    So I have a couple questions ..
    Have any of you guys have had this problem and if you did how did you get around it and help yourself?
    And in tournaments how big are the girls? I heard they were bigger then I imagined.
    Now, I am only a white belt so Im learning alot as I go and maybe it will get easier, but Im still going to gain some beef on me

    Btw last time I weighed myself I was 105 and 5'2 heighth