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Self defense in Siu Lim Tao

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  • Self defense in Siu Lim Tao

    Gaan Sau vs Kick

    Gaan Sau is used to defend the lower body (but not the legs). As your opponent begins to kick, you start to turn your waist 45° and your Tan Sau changes to Gaan Sau. As the Gaan Sau reaches the end of its arc, it makes contact with your opponent’s leg, thus deflecting the kick past its target. Gaan Sau vs Low Punch

    This time as his opponent punches you step forward, slightly to the side (so creating a 45° angle). Your Gaan Sau deflects the low punch to the side. The step forward closes the distance to your opponent, and so allows you to counter­ attack more easily.
    here are the new movements of self defense. In our fresh articles you will find other ones. try them after being professional in these ones.
    This article is the continuation of the article we have shared with you before. As you have understood we try to show all the examples of the movements of self