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Last self defense movements in Siu Lim Tao

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  • Last self defense movements in Siu Lim Tao

    Huen Sau vs Punch

    1. Opponent punches at you, you are the one who uses a Tan Sau, but this time you make contact with you Tan Sau on the outside of your opponent’s arm.
    2. As your opponent pushes his fist forward, you lift your elbow and roll your wrist around your opponent’s arm so your arm is now on the inside of your opponent’s. As you perform the Huen Sau, you make sure you do not push the arm downwards, alerting the attacker, but direct it outwards. This is a very ‘soft’ technique and your opponent should feel as if he has punched at thin air. Note that Huen Sau is only used when you feel your opponent’s energy coming forward. Otherwise you can leave yourself open to attack.
    3. Your opponent is now unbalanced and he topples forwards. This gives you the chance to change to a low palm strike, hitting your opponent’s lower ribs. As you strike, your left hand changes from Wu Sau and covers the right hand of your opponent.
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    We continue the articles about self defence. We consider that this one s the last one in which we are talking about it. So before trying these new movements be