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  • OFF TOPIC (mixing it up)

    yeah, yeah... there are other boards to discuss SD and arts of all sorts but I want some dirty wrestling tricks and OFF THE MAT applications of the grappling methods...

    I've seen uncounted "accidents" in wrestling that resulted in injury but I often wonder how frequently these are the result of sneaky tricks?

    Is SUMO a wrestling art?

    Discuss International (Freestyle and Greco), Collegiate and Highschool Wrestling.... NO SUMO?

    Bummer? Other grappling arts like dumog and silat also have many similarities to wrestling in that you apply your skill against others in a sportsman like game...

    I don't dare even MENTION WWE or "BIG TIME" (pro) wrestling stuff but I've seen more than one guy throw spinning elbows and head butts...

    Recent posts in the DOUBLE thread have been making me think about ankle picks and other takedown methods I've worked into my own modest arsenal.

    Tell me about some of your MOST unsportsman like tricks?

    Thanks in advance...

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    First of all, Sumo is definately a wrestling art and as it's a favorite of mine I'd be happy to discuss it here.


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      As for 'street' stuff, I've gotten a lot of mileage out of arm drags in various 'incindents.' It's amazing how much of a surprise something so simple seems to be for most people. For average joe on the street, once you take his back it's pretty much just a matter of how badly you want to hurt him. Most people really overreact too, so if you push a bit they'll push back for all they're worth. Then you can put them in the air if so inclined.


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        To continue:

        If you do manage to get behind him and really want to bust his head, try this:

        Take a cross-wrist on one of his arms such that you are holding it tight against his abdomen with your arm of the opposite side (by the wrist or low on the forearm). With your other arm, take a grip on his forearm (ideally by coming inside). Push him around a bit 'till he pushes back (or to one side) and when he does, let go with the had holding his wrist and go right up the crotch, grabbing his wrist/arm again. The timing is important but you can muscle it if you have a size/strength advantage. Get your hips lower than his, pop them into him and take him off his feet. Sometimes you can use one of your legs, as soon as his feet are off the ground, to sweep his legs to the side to get him moving even more. Having the hold through the crotch and a hold on one arm gives you extra control of his center of gravity and allows you to turn and 'aim' him at whatever wall/table/curb/hydrant/etc. you want to plant his head into and the position allows you to put your shoulder behind him to really drive him down into whatever. It all happens a lot faster than it seems writing about it, but you can really slam the hell out someone if you get it just right.


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          Imagine that....

          ? There is something about toppling and throwing that makes inflicting pain almost fun.

          Gravity is such a B, ain't it?