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  • Question for Burton Richardson

    if this is really burton richardson answering this question this is amazing. thank you for viewing! my sifu's, charles reed, shawn meyer, and john meyer just came back from there regular visit to train with guru dan inosanto in califronia. guru inosanto has fully certified all the men. i have trained with guru inosanto when he comes to our school and just cant get enough of his wisdom, and insight. he is truly one of the most heart warming individuals i have ever met. anyway, on with my question to you.

    when they came back this past week they were telling me how jkd is about to take a radical change. they said that when they got to the academy all bruce's signs that he used to have in his schools are down, anything that had the jeet kune do symbol is gone, and that linda lee along with the jkd nucleous are getting lawyers involved to trademark jkd, saying that guru inosanto, the only man bruce fully certified in jeet kune do, that he cant do it anymore. what is going on here? jeet kune do as i understand it is not a martial art but rather a concept of exploring ones self.

    what are your thoughts on this matter?

    Best Regards


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    Hi Rick,
    Yes, Sifu Inosanto is an amazing person. He is so diligent with his research, and so generous with is findings. I understand that the Lee estate has hired the same lawyers that represent the Elvis estate. I don't understand the whole idea of not letting Sifu Inosanto use the term JKD, or certify people anyway he sees fit. As you pointed out, he is the one Bruce Lee appointed. We will see what happens. The most important thing, though, is to train and improve. Aloha!


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      Any new developments on this?


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        Such a shame to read about this the name and logo should have a lifelong standing in the world of martial arts.On the other hand i believe and many others that if this is the case then jkd and its concepts will continue to florish with or with out the logo and or name.Seeing as it is a train of thought and not a visual sign and or spoken word.On another note im a couple weeks away from purchase of the choke em out package with science of fight could you let me know how much the postage from there to australia is please if thats ok.Yours truely phenom


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          Yes, I think it is a shame that a group would attempt to harness that creative energy. But, we just keep training and improving.
          For shipping info, please send an e-mail to Sarah at She will help you with that. I think you will really enjoy these DVDs! Aloha


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            gday burton sent an email to that address still no reply im lookin at purchase by the end of week please get back thank you.