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    First, I feel honored to post this in the hope that you will actually respond.

    I've been a martial artist for 30 years and have been in many arts, except JKD.

    Everytime I think I find a reputable teacher of JKD, they turn out to be a Charlatan, Flimflammer, Egocentric, or a "Do-It-Yourselfer".

    I have much understanding of many things, but fall short and confused on the subject of JKD.

    How can one really find out about a authentic JKD instructor?
    (There are so many controveries on credentials within it)

    Some people who claim that JKD is not actually a style, go off buying books or vids and start "self-instruction". They claim this is JKD and they do not need a instructor. Though, peope maybe able to "self-train", they confuse this with "self-teaching".

    Was the late Bruce Lee more of a self-taught (which we all know he had studied and/or worked out with others) or self-trained?

    In other words, A.) Can someone by only picking up books and vids truely learn JKD, or for that matter any concise methods in any martial art without an instructor? ( B.) And latter claim to teach it-is this infringement to lay such claim)

    I reside in lower Louisiana, USA - any reccomendations on who may be teaching JKD in the area?

    Thanking you in Advance,

    with Sincerity,