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What about Bando or Silat?

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  • What about Bando or Silat?

    Sifu Richardson,

    From reading your book I am aware that you have trained in Silat, but from seeing your latest curriculum I have noticed a shift towards other disciplines. What are your thoughts on Bando or Silat? I am aware that it's the individual that makes the style work. But Silat and Bando seem very traditional to me. Are they applicable in self defense? ( With reasonable training of course) I have heard that it takes years to become proficient in these styles. Your response is very welcome, thank you for your time.

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    Rather than styles, the important thing is training methods. If we train against a resisting opponent in all the ranges, we will all come up with something that looks very similar. It is training without resistance that leads to so many variations of styles and systems, because without resistance, anything can work.

    Also, methodology makes a huge difference in performance, contrary to the popular belief that it is all about the individual. An individual with extensive training in a "no resistance" style will never do well against a tough fighter. Train that same person with different, realistic methods, and he or she will hold their own.


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      I see... thank you Burton. I really appreciate you taking some time and answering this, thanks again.


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        Bando or silat

        i have been involed in asiain figting arts for over thirty years. i know myong Dr. Gee head of the bando system. I have also had the pleasure of learning poekeoelan tjminde Tulen . Agung Mas goeroe Willie Wetzel. Both systems are very good systems.
        My personal prference is poekoelan, it is a blend of indonesion arts and internal chinese arts. It boils down to personal preference .