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Seeking Sparring/Padwork Partner (NJ)

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  • Seeking Sparring/Padwork Partner (NJ)

    Basically, I'm bored. I am looking for someone to just spar here and there with, do some pad work and such. Nothing too big, I asked around the location in which I train at and most of the people are either not interested or live too far. I'm located in New Jersey, Middlesex county. Now, If you're interested in doing such reply and we'll talk because I'm not going to meet with some random crack head so to speak. I don't mind sparring for other arts as well, helping the other individual(s) practice of their martial arts, but for me it will be mainly Muay Thai.

    Oh yeah, by the way on the rare chance I get an actual reply, I'd prefer someone who isn't like... a pro or been doing this for like over 3 years this way I can keep up with him/her. I merely put this here because I'm not a pro, but I want to practice more because the location I am currently at does 'not' spar.

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    Finding a Sparring Partner

    If you haven't found anyone check out I was on the site today and there are both men and women of all levels looking for martial arts sparring partners. I'm not sure about your neck of the woods but definitely a possibility.


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      Thanks for the tip, went to the site and was able to hook something up for this weekend


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        Meet in Real Life looks pretty good. I've already talked to a couple people. Seems like they've got a lot of other interesting groups too. Thanks for the hook up!