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  • Ktao

    Oh! Did I get your attention with that..... Well anyway Hi. I have been practising martial art consistenly for the last couple years. I enjoy and do lots of practising in the Dojo and winning at the tourniments.

    I like to think of myself as a hard hitter.

    My competition videos, such as they are can be viewed on You channel's name is azusafightclub

    Hope to chat and expand my knowledge of mixed martial arts


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    I saw some of your videos. Looks like American style kickboxing - karate/tkd style kicks above the waist with some karate/boxing hand work. I've trained muaythai to females at a women's shelter before and it was a positive experience, but never trained anyone in a dojo/school.

    Do you do pad drills or focus mitt drills?

    if we were training partners, I'd love to work the focus mitts with you to get over fighters with longer reach and put together some nasty 3-5 punch combinations on the inside to get them moving back and then harass them with kicks as they get back outside.

    You seem like a lady whose not afraid to mix it up and whom has potential!


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      I just realized after going to a new Sensei, just how little pad work my old one required. However, than again I don't have as many men to spar with, so it is a toss up.

      I now have two reasonable sparring partners, but they are trained in Taekwondo and so often the feel of the fight is hard to gauge. You know maybe, I block a high kick of theirs and move in to their personel space and leave them with a few tats on the head, they say their kick would of stoped me blah blah blah

      I am thinking of going to Thailand and find a more western Muay Thai training facilility. I say more western only because of the bad rap women get in an all Thai male outfit. I don't mind waiting till all the guys have competed, but compete I must also...

      Oh, your very correct my style of kickboxing is western and was taught to me by a karate/taekwondo instructor. However he refuses to instruct me further into black sash as I questioned his lack of kickboxing certification or even MMA experience.

      Thank you for the kind words

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