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  • Hello To All!!!

    Hello to all of you! Allow me to intriduce myself....I am Sifu Nik. I am a fully certified JKD instructor in the Chicago suburbs. I also teach many other things including Silat, BJJ, Boxing, Thai Boxing, and many more. I am very happy to find a great forum to share our thoughts and I look forward to hearing from each of you.


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    Hi my friends, I am really like your awesome collection.
    My favorite is enjoying such a beautiful sunset view and stunning colours.
    Your images created me a good feelings after a hard working day. Many thanks!


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      hey my name is Ashley Dominique Weaver from Georgia.
      I am not into Martial arts but I am a big fan of it.
      as of this moment I was enrolled in a fitness gym for
      kick boxing lesson, my trainer told me that this is a good exercise
      and at the same time I can use this for self defense.

      Hope we get to meet here, and talked about cool stuffs about our passions and
      if there's any concerns you think i could answer, please do leave me a message.

      'Till next time guys..


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        Hello Sifu. I'm a collector of styles myself, albeit on the opposite end of the experience spectrum. lol. Looking forward to reading more posts from you.


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          Hi welcome Sifu Nik