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New guy here! Want to learn a thing or two about self-defense!

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  • New guy here! Want to learn a thing or two about self-defense!

    Hey guys! How is everyone doing in here? I hope you all are having a fine day!

    My name is Alex Gilbert. I am a Social Sciences student from Greenwich University London and currently pursuing my Bachelor's from there. The reason that I joined this group is that I'm currently working on a small project about self-defense. I basically have to write my assignment online that's based around the subject of how effective self-defense training is in critical situations. And I wanted to gain some personal experiences as well as advice and suggestions from experts who provide self-defense training and/or ever found themselves in critical situation that called for some self-defense tactics.

    Looking forward to all your guys' comments!

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    A task was given by my teacher to write an assignment about effectiveness of self defense training in critical situations. In start I take this task so easy but in the middle of assignment I got stuck and the submission deadline is soo near, so I start searching for someone to do my assignment for me to compete my assignment.