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1 reason medical steroids for ma injuries/my 4th of july in jail

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    no actually he didn't

    Originally posted by stabbychick
    I know it's a pain in the ass, but you really have to read those pieces of paper you get with your prescriptions..QUOTE]

    he drank alcohol while taking steriods, Im sure the doc mentioned that
    but considdering the amout of misdiagnosis/malpractice/billing for procedures not even preformed by doc's over the years I'm not surprised but that's a boring topic


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      Lol Lol Lol Lol Lol

      Originally posted by osopardo
      steroids + alcohol + fireworks + driving + self-admitted irrational behavior

      and they arrested you?!? What the hell were the cops thinkin'?!? LOL
      pissing myself!!!!
      Thanks I needed a laugh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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        Originally posted by bOoRadley
        Nooo, Omaplata took steroids? Wow, stop the presses! I could have never guessed by his goonish, homophobic, moronic, thugish, wannabe tough guy posts that he would be the kind of person who would take performance enhancing drugs...

        I truly am shocked

        Aww man, you beat me too it.


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          Originally posted by OmaPlata
          another strange thing there was some shemales in the jail when i was there, actually, after a few days they start looking pretty good lol



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