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  • Holiday DVD discounts

    I got an email extending this offer from one of my instructors and just wanted to pass this on since we reviewed and talked about several of the dvds on this list. its a two week discount for defend members, use the discount code for the next two weeks and get 15% off each title. The webpages are linked together so you can purchase any number of the titles and the order will be processed as one.

    The following discount code: LT7GXZA5 will allow a full 15% any dvd purchase or purchases plus shipping for members:::

    The Physical Body
    The Physical Body 2
    1st Kachin Martial Arts Exhibition
    Ancient Bare Knuckle Muay 1
    Ancient Bare Knuckle Muay 2
    Krabi Krabong

    you can contact blackdiamondcobra(at) for paypal payment details or any other inquiries.

    YOu check thru this forum for some discussions and posts on various dvds on there. Purchase helps support the producers further research and new dvd and writings.