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Australia - ISR Matrix Courses March 2009

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  • Australia - ISR Matrix Courses March 2009

    Following the huge success of last Septembers ISR Matrix courses and months of planning, there will be a number of courses this March.

    Brisbane 16-20 March combined PM 101 and PM 201 Workplace Trainer course (Mt Gravatt - same venue and the week after the QLD Rich Dimitri seminars)
    Adelaide 22-26 March combined PM 101 and LE 101 WT course
    Perth 28 March - 01 April combined PM 101 and PM 201 WT course

    The PM 101 is the first 3 days of the 5 day block and is open to anyone. 101 covers subject control via the helmet, dive, arm drag, underhook and pike, harness, wrist weave, s-position and team tactics. Testimonials are available from Page Title

    The PM 201 component covers the last 3 days of the 5 day block and is only available to those that have completed a 101 course. 201 covers attached and unattached striking during the standup, clinch and ground phases of a confrontation and is fully intergrated with the 101 material. The 201 material has never before been offered in Australia.

    The LE 101 program is a 5 day block and covers drawn and holstered weapons retention, vehicle extractions and many more LE specific applications and is available to approved applicants only - generally serving LE/MIL/ Govt security only. Last years LE program had enrolment from 4 different Police agencies and 3 other Government departments.

    The course instructor is ISR Matrix Vice President Fletch Fuller. Fletch has been with ISR since day 1 and also runs a Straight Blast Gym affiliated BJJ school in Florida. Fletch is a full-time Police tactics trainer for a large department.

    Course tuition is a bargain at $200 per day. 10% discount applies to Police, Corrections, Defence, Emergency Services, Health Services, Security and those that participated in the 2008 courses. Group discounts are available upon request.

    Most course positions are already spoken for and the class size is restricted to ensure good instructor/student ratios, so it's best to get in NOW to guarantee a position.

    Contact for further details. As per last year, every assistance will be offered with locating budget share accomodation options and transport.

    A review from last years PM 101 course:

    It's a little later than anticipated but here's the review I promised. Please note that I am not involved with the ISR guys in any official capacity and do not represent them here in Australia. I simply completed the instructor's course and now utilise ISR training and methodologies within my own MMA curriculum. I've tried to be as unbiased as possible in this review, but frankly the course impressed me that much that I don't really have any negative feedback.

    Review - ISR Matrix Physical Management Instructor's Course, Sydney 2008

    Prior to attending this course, I had already been aware of the ISR Matrix program for a number of years through the Straight Blast Gym. I was impressed with the handful of short videos available on their website (and now youtube) and was very keen to do the course, but had resigned myself to never being able to afford to travel to the States specifically to attend the course. So it was with a great deal of excitement that I accepted an invitation from Dave of Oz Combatives to attend the course in Sydney during ISR's first Australian visit.

    Right from the introduction, Tim the US based instructor pointed out that ISR was nothing new or revolutionary, it was simply a different methodology applied to movements and techniques that had been around for centuries (mostly in the various wrestling styles). Off to a great start - it's always refreshing to hear an instructor admit that they were not teaching something they considered new or superior, just a different way of looking at things.

    The training itself started off relatively light as we all adapted to the unique terminology of ISR (Wrist Weaves, Seatbelts, Harness, Helmet, Underhook and Pike, Shaking the Blanket, Straight Jacket, Zombie Drill, Jack Knife etc). This course had a very simple approach - learn 9 moves that all seamlessly interact with eachother, train reps, reps and more reps and then do even more reps against full resistance.

    The movements taught throughout the course were all very simple, gross motor patterns that allowed very quick assimilation and as a result we were able to effectively utilise our first few techniques against full resistance (mouthguard and boxing gloves only) within a few hours of starting the course.

    Tim's coaching method was fantastic. He delivered all the material in a very direct manner, demonstrating on various attendee's at various angles and speeds before giving personal attention to each and every participant. He managed to find the perfect balance between personal attention and leaving enough space for all participants to try the movements out and get used to them. 'Hidden Reps' was the theme of the course, with drills being changed regularly so you didn't feel you were working the same material over and over again.

    Day One saw approximately 6 hours of training before calling it a night and resting up for what was to be the biggest day of the course. Day Two saw us training from 8am til 6pm with a lunch break somewhere in the middle. The first half of the day was revision from day one, with some introduction work on a couple of new moves. The afternoon saw us putting it all together in completely alive drills (Zombie Drills). by the end of day two, we had learned all the major techniques of the program and put them into effect against fully resistance opponents. This may not sound that impressive, but there were participants on the course with very limited Martial Arts experience who were now facing much heavier, more experienced opponents throwing full force punches and they were able to avoid being hit cleanly, and take down the opponent to resolution every single time - an impressive feat to say the least

    Day Three started off with some light warm up drills based on revision (by this stage everyone was a little achy from the previous 2 days) and quickly built back up to full resistance training. The last day was capped off with some team fighting applications (mostly aimed at Law Enforcement officers and Security Teams) and some knife defence work based on Jerry Wetzel's Red Zone program.

    Having trained for 25 years now, during which time I've trained in a number of different styles and systems, I have to say this was the best course I've seen of it's type. I haven't just come away with new material to play with, but it taught me a great deal about effective coaching and I believe as a result my own coaching and teaching has improved tenfold.

    I highly recommend this course to anybody (whether Martial Artist or untrained) with an interest in simple, functional self defence. The ISR program is particularly useful for Law Enforcement or security personnel, but can easily be utilised as a clinch/stand-up grappling program for Martial Artists training predominantly in striking arts or BJJ. It will work in with any other Martial Art system without having a negative impact on that system's current syllabus.

    As an epilogue to this review, the ISR influenced material that I am now teaching has been effectively used on a number of occasions by Law Enforcement officers in the course of their duties. All feedback has been positive so far which stands as further testimony to the effectiveness of both the ISR material and their coaching method. (I can't and won't take any credit for it, I'm merely the conduit)

    Hope this review helps to shed some light, let me know if you have any further questions - or if you want to experience the material first hand, please feel free to pop by the club to give it a go


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    Instructor bio just in:
    Fletch Fuller is the Vice president of ISR Matrix and along with President and Founder Luis Gutierrez, oversees all research, field testing and development of the program. A believer in the process from the begining, Fletch has attended virtually every ISR training session as a student, staff instructor or instructor trainer and has put the material to the test as a Law Enforcement and SWAT officer.

    A Military veteran, Fletch is currently the High Liability Training Coordinator for a large South Florida Law Enforcement agency. He conducts regular training for various agencies in the topics of Defensive Tactics, Baton, Pepper Spray, TASER, Active Shooter Response and Police Driving. He is also recognized as a Subject Matter Expert on the topic of Use of Force by the State of Florida.

    Fletch is a TASER Master Instructor as well as holding instructor certifications in the SPEAR System and the GRACIE System. He is an Advanced Instructor for the Monadnock Baton and an instructor for the PIT Maneuver. Bringing this training and experience together, Fletch is dedicated to the concept of training and operational integrity with functional and practical tactics... for every able body.