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    I dont know how to use this function on my phone. I hate text messaging because it took so long and I don't have quick fingers like my girlfriend. Anyone here wanted to help a loser? thanks!

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    I love T9. Looove it.newer cellphones have it so your can press up to extend the word and scroll for the one you need. Super fast when you get the hang of it. This might help T9 dummies a bit .


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      T9 is a patented technology that was originally developed by Tegic Communications, which is now part of Nuance Communications. T9 competes with Motorola’s iTap, RIM’s SureType as well as LetterWise and WordWise from Eatoni.T9 is designed to get smarter based on the word uses of the user. When certain numbers are entered, T9 looks up words in its fast-access dictionary. When a numerical sequence could yield various words, T9 will display the word most commonly entered by the user.If a new word is typed that’s not in the T9 dictionary, the software will add it to its predictive database so it will be displayed next time.While T9 can learn based on user experiences, it doesn’t always correctly guess the word you intend. For example, “4663” could also spell “hood,” “home” and “gone”. When multiple words can be created by the same numeric sequence, they are called textonyms.Some versions of T9 have smart punctuation. This allows the user to add word punctuation (i.e. the apostrophe in “didn’t”) and sentence punctuation (i.e. a period at the end of a sentence) using the “1” key.T9 can even learn word pairs that you use often to predict the next word. For example, T9 could guess you’re going to type “home” after “go” if you use “go home” often.


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        Originally posted by dizzyboy View Post
        I don't have quick fingers like my girlfriend. Anyone here wanted to help a loser? thanks!
        Hi Dizzy boy.. Women tend to have quicker fingers than guys, probably due to private activities haha.. predictive text is very annoying, especially when you want to swear or curse at someone and you end up calling them a random word, lol.

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