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[HELP] my yahoo account has hack

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  • [HELP] my yahoo account has hack

    My yahoo account has hack by some one..
    please gelp me

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    This is a bit later but just some sound advice from someone who works in the Network Security industry (Ethical Hacking and Vulnerability Research). Get a new e-mail address, choose a strong password (at least 8 characters, use numbers as well, don't use your name, or e-mail address anywhere in the password). Change any and all e-bills you may recieve at your old e-mail address ASAP! ... same with e-statements from your Credit Cards or Bank Accounts, you don't want those going to whoever go into your mail account.

    Now for the REAL bad news. Chances are if someone got into your mail account they got into your computer first and you didn't even know it. I would suggest having your PC checked by a professional for a Key Logger or Root Kit. These are programs that will monitor and log information and send them back to the "malicious" user. This is just the normal trend of events, if you don't take action in changing e-statements and bills you run a high risk of being a victim of identity theft.

    Hope that didn't scare ya too much but I see it everyday and it is reality. If you have any questions or need some professional advice please PM me I would be happy to help (free of charge).

    (CISSP, GCIA, C|EH, MCSE:Security)


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      I am assuming that you must have visited: a) a rather dodgy website or b) someone elses computer/an internet cafe.

      If it is a website that you visited, there is not a lot you can do. Try taking a look at the domain at for contact information, you can then take legal action

      If it was someone elses computer that you used, someone obviously had a key logger installed. You can again, take legal action.