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MT:Need some information on Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu

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  • MT:Need some information on Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu

    Need some information on Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu By Kframe - 09-23-2013 06:15 PM


    Hi, I was not sure if this was the correct forum for this but here goes. I was hoping for some information on BBT. Like how it compares and contrasts with Karate and related arts such as TKD. What the scopes of its training is. What type of kata and forms do they practice. Weapons training IE knives and such? The scope of its unarmed system.

    What are some sample basic/intermediate/advanced responses to typical attacks such as the jab cross, the haymaker, the cocked back straight, various front snap and push kicks to various targets and round kicks at various heights and power levels. Clinch techniques or ways of dealing with it. Do they have in there techniques take down defenses against various takedowns and tackles, and single legs/double legs?

    With regards to weapons, I understand that they do some sword work. How does it compare to ARMA and other European sword revival styles?

    Also tips on spotting a quality BBT school. Things to look out for and questions to ask.

    My mma gym has made some changes im no longer able to participate in. We were different and I learned some things I didn't think I liked. From what I understand BBT has a lot of various controlling techniques, and we practiced some various shoulder and arm and wrist control techniques and I enjoyed them immensely. Which is part of what is drawing me to BBT.

    I have ruled out karate, as I just don't like what I saw in my town and feel I want to do something on the road less traveled.

    Oddly enough, now that all the mma gyms in my city and near by have closed down, I find it kinda freeing. I can experiment with different arts that are not mma and see what I like with out feeling guilty. I am bummed that this chapter in my training is ending but it is opening another more interesting door, one that I have wanted to walk through for a long time.

    Thanks all for the information.

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