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  • MT:Interesting " home" study course

    Interesting " home" study course By bigfootsquatch - 04-29-2014 11:01 AM


    This seems to be the most legitimate home study course I've read about. Testing for shodan is in person, the school will contact the closest schools to the student, and live training is encouraged. There is even a reference to another home study course out there not having the greatest reputation. ( you'll never guess who lol )

    i wasnt sure sure where to post this ( maybe general martial arts discussion instead of here). I think the concept is great. A mixture of video references and feedback in conjunction with live training, help finding a place to train, and no black belt video testing.

    and before it is said, I know there's no replacement for live training.

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      Home study courses are often very productive and help those who study to fill in the gaps, so to speak, that is, to get more knowledge on something that was not pretty clear before. A dissertation introduction example can be taken to see how it works in life.


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        If at all possible, set aside time to study in exactly the way you set aside time to see clients. Having time blocked out on your calendar specifically for study can help you stay on track and provide the mental space you need to really absorb the material write a dissertation abstract.