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    Still Training By Rokuta - 06-25-2014 09:24 AM


    I remember reading a humorous sticky about expected survival rates of new martial artists. Statistically I would say I'm doing well at a year and a half without dropping out, especially from Ninpo (OUCH!). There is still a long road of learning ahead with no end, something to look forward to. I have met a lot of interesting, good people and thoroughly enjoyed it. It has been melancholy watching several new students come, last for a while and then go their way; their search for an art still unfulfilled. Others have had to suffer multiple interruptions in their training to the point where guys who began more than two years ahead of me are now lower in rank (though probably not in skill).

    So, my progress to date: I am an orange belt/Hachi Kyu and will most likely test late this summer for first green/Nana Kyu. If I do really well I just might test for Rok Kyu before January. A poorly executed break fall (due to a really badly executed tobi geri) in February dropped me on my right shoulder and slowed me down for about 2 months. On the bright side this gave me enough time to really get some things fine tuned/corrected to the point of being acceptable for my Hachi Kyu test. Beginning to make progress on our Kihon Happo. Still working on Ichimonji no Kamae. Still working on not dropping my hands after a punch, block, shuto, etc. Still working on keeping my thumbs on my fingers, and not in Boshi Ken, when punching. My stamina is better overall.

    With time and practice my hope is that my mind/body will get better at absorbing instruction, or I will come to not mind the delays in my comprehension. The whole physical activity thing was never a priority for me before and does not come easy now.

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