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Open Question: how can I become good at everything?

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  • Open Question: how can I become good at everything?

    hi everybody, I just want to know what I should be doing to get the most out of life. what i should study and how often to become really succcessful, how much exercise sould i do to have a nice body and to be healthy, what should I eat daily, how should I balance my social life with school work,what things (e.g. clubs, websites) are out there that will really help me get the most out of my life,how should I spend my evenings (i know some kids go on msn for hours, but is that a waste of my life when I coulld be leaning a new skill),what time should I go to bed if I have to wake up at 7:09 every morning,how should I manage my evenings when I need to practice guitar and paino, do homework and revision, workout/exercise and relax (i.e. xbox msn).thank you very much. I may sound very vain, but I only want to get the most out of my life, not so I can boast to people about my aattributes, but so I can self confident, helpful and friendly to other people. I don't want to waste my life and to become depressed, I want to have a really exiting, succesful happy life and other people may pick up advice from this question which may help them in their own lives.thank you so much, I am very grateful and good luck in the future.Additional information: I am 15 years old (nearly 16), English, and middle class (not that it makes any difference in what kind of person I am)