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    The whole Makiwara training thing does still intrigue me, I dunno what to believe, but to see someone punch through a pile of bricks does make it hard to believe that you CANNOT condition your fists somewhat. However, I think what it does give you is a bit of edge on technique, I'm not saying you have to hit a makiwara to hit hard, however, my casually hitting the makiwara a couple of times a week hasn't increased the size of my knuckles, or made my bones tougher (I don't think) however, each time I can hit the makiwara a little bit harder with less pain. I recomend giving it a go and getting a bit of understanding before trying to use what you think is logic, as martial artists, I think it's important to keep an open mind on what the body is capable of.

    By the way, I am not stupid enough to train untill my knuckles bleed anymore, again, there is more technique and what not now, but I personally wouldn't recomend training untill your knuckles are bleeding badly!