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Morning training routine (For karate student)

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  • Morning training routine (For karate student)

    Hey guys, I train 4 mornings a week, currently, 2 days I jog for about halfa and 2 days I do a 45 minute routine involving skipping, knuckle push ups and sit ups with my legs constantly off the ground. I'm a few weeks off getting ready to change my training routine, and was wondering if I could get some advice on good home training routines, I'll probobly just mix and match, I have some small hand weights (I think 8 kilos each... Don't use 'em very often) and an excersize wheel, thinking about getting one of those workout balls after being showed a few pretty difficult excersizes with them and I'll probably do something with sprints as I've heard they are good for helping with explosive footwork. I was also thinking whether it would be good to actually do 4 different morning routines and perhaps change one days session every fortnight or something like that.

    What's a good way to incorporate sprints into a workout? Would it be better to jog down to the park and do push ups, sprint, rest, push ups, sprint, rest or to just have a jog route which involves sprint, jog, sprint, jog?

    Cheers in advance for any input.