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  • Home Based Chest Excercises

    Hi All!

    Can anyone please tell me Some Effective chest exercises that you can do at home also with out Dumbbells and any other similar equipment?

    I do Push ups but i want to know about more chest exercises. Please do mention the repetition and set scheme too laong with chest exercises you going to suggest me.

    Waiting with Deep keen and for Quick Response


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    Pushup variations are an obvious choice if you have no equipment. Do a web search on pushup variations, there are many of them. The key thing with pushups is not to get stuck in a rut of just doing zillions of regular pushups. If you want to develop strength, you need to progress to more difficult variations. To develop strength, for example, you can progress to one-armed pushups. To develop power, you can do clapping pushups, and when that gets too easy, behind-the-neck clapping pushups, and when that gets too easy, behind-the-back clapping pushups. If you look up the Bartendaz videos on youtube, most of the videos feature difficult pullup routines, but on several they show very difficult pushup variations you can work towards. This helps you to develop strength -- doing zillions of regular pushups just develops endurance.

    Other interesting challenges include working towards a planche, which is a full body challenge. A web search on planche progressions will get you to Sommers' tutorial.

    Generally speaking, rep and set wise, you'll do "heavier weight" (that is more difficult variations) and lower volume to develop max strength (say, 5 sets of 5, 6 sets of 4, etc); to develop power, same kind of scheme, you need low numbers of high quality explosive reps. To maximize size, you do more volume with a bit lower weight, say 4 sets of 10 of slightly easier pushup variations (you must eat a lot if this is your goal). Doing sets of 15+ will tend to develop mostly muscular endurance.


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      Thank you so much for replying and for providing such valuable information. i am very thankful to you

      I have done some web search as u told me to do and i got some good stuff.

      One more Question:

      By Doing Push ups can i expand my chest to a decent size ?

      By Physic i am thin.

      Waiting for your Quick Response

      Once again, Thank you


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        You can build size with any strength routine, provided you get the right volume and intensity, and eat a LOT. Eating is key, eat tons of extra calories, and if you're working out, you'll grow. Your routine should be as I described above, you should not be doing 30 pushups at a time, that tends to build endurance. If you want hypertrophy (muscle growth), you want to stress your muscles. Find pushup variations where you can do 3-4 sets of 6-12 reps. Unless you're very weak, that will quickly mean moving from regular pushups to weighted pushups (put weights in a backpack), pushups with you feet on a chair or otherwise elevated, one-armed pushups, and other variations that provide less leverage (and thus require more work from you). Make sure you have lots of different variations. And I probably didn't emphasize the importance of eating enough. Eat more you skinny bastard