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Is Kre Alkalyn - Creatine MonoHydrate effective?

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  • Is Kre Alkalyn - Creatine MonoHydrate effective?

    I was just wondering if anyone had any success or noticed any benefits to using Kre Alkalyn. It's a buffered form of Creatine MonoHydrate. It's supposed to be more effective and with no side-effects. Ive only taken it before boxing and Ju Jitsu training sessions and not before weight lifting sessions. So i don't have any real benchmark to tell if it works or not because basically how hard you push yourself during a 2 hour session can change drastically from session to session based on what you're doing. I'd test it myself using weights but i recently busted my A-C joint at Jujitsu and cant lift weights (or anything for that matter) for a few more weeks.

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    hmm the great debate over creatine. i've tried it, and with out much sucess!


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      Creatine lets you get in those few extra reps, but it is overhyped .


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        Creatine worked pretty well for me at first, then the results declined and it hasn't done much for me since.


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          Creatine Does work and can have great results depending on whether the user can actually utilize the extra stuff which turns the ADP into ATP (I cant remember the exact name of the process).

          Full Cricle The reason the results may have dropped off for you is that you may not have cycled the process. For using creatine monohydrate most forms have a loading phase then a maintenance phase and then after a month or maybe a month and a half you stop using it otherwise your body adapts as it does witheverything and stops producing as much ATP because the creatine is supplying another phosphate which will turn used ATP (ADP) back into ATP.

          The main thing i was curious about was whether or not KreAlkalyn worked. Instead of loading and maintenance phases you simply take it half an hour before exercise and Voila! Hey presto the effects are spose to kick in. Just havent dun it before weights to test it. And still injured.


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            I cycled, the whole "loading" thing is a pile of crap, your body can only use so much creatine in a day (3 or 5 mg I think, not quite sure what the number was) at any rate, I did cycle.


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