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  • Tony Blauer

    What do you guys think of this guys products? Do they live up to the hype? Has anyone invested in them and can you comment? What are the pluses and minuses?

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    Don't bother

    Don't bother, too expensive for what you get. Also talks way too much and over complicates stuff, it takes him twenty minutes to explain something that could have been explained in two minutes. Check out Richard Dimitri's senshido instead, He's one of Blauer's former guys who took it several levels beyond what Blauer is doing today. Much easier to assimilate and probably some of the best reality based materials out there along side Geoff Thompson not to mention much less expensive than Blauer.


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      Ne'er a true word.


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        Tony Blauer.....

        "Don't bother, too expensive for what you get."

        I disagree. While Blauer's material is very information intensive, I have found it to be very much worth the $$$. I have not seen Senshido but I have heard that it is very much inspired by Dimitri's work with Blauer as well as his own developments. Don't rule out Blauer.