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  • Tai chi Quan....

    Ok. There is the form type, which is more of an excersise, then there is tai chi quan, which is a fighting syle. How effective is tai chi quan?

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    it depends on the skill level of the practioner that decides the effectiveness of the art


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      Difficult to say - I haven't heard of many ppl using this without having done Lohan or Praying Mantis or some similar style. Mostly it is used to polish existing techniques (in this way) but if that improves someones fighting ability then I think that adds up to an effective style. I don't think that it has to necessarily stand on its own (but if it does, I can't say)...

      A bit rambling but I hope I got my point across..


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        Yes we study it to supplement our Chow gar tong long(Mantis).You need a good intructor so show you how it works.We have had every movements application shown to us.I could not fight with it though not at this early stage.My sifu says"You cannot fight with tai chi its to slow"................"You have to speed it up".