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mental, physiological and phisical training

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  • mental, physiological and phisical training

    for months I have done a a whole lot of exercises that increased by balance and cordination and I say try these stand on your feet with say left heel over right toes and stand there and close your eyes and hold your balance I have done this for months and by cordination has increased greatly and highly I know because I was tested because I have a cerebellum brain problem and the rest of the brain is normal but certain things had to be increased and it has but its good to train agility and accuracy I have done running jogging and hard level 7 to 8 on the bike the exercise machine and I have done bike riding my muscles need to grow stronger so I lift up weights to improve that
    when I exercise I see red and I keep on doing it I am just having a rest for the week untill monday and I will start again this is the best and another thing is that you should try doing is train the inner spirit mental execises
    because that will help like for example understanding motion and energy is an important concept you see the most dumbest person lets out his anger and fury and throws a punch at another person we need basic exercises not to do that and just relax and calm down when in a fight because anger will make it worse.

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    Just take it easy and don't hurt yourself, ok man

    taking exercise too quickly can be damaging