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  • Patience

    Found this article from Rossboxing and thought it would be a good read for the forum. Its about the power of patience. Enjoy.

    RossTraining - Articles

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    On a more personal level, I was sitting in a classroom here at NSWC with some of my classmates - one whom is just hitting his mid 20's. He's a funny dude and trains pretty hard. Our program is undergoing changes, some of them out of growth, maybe some of them as a test?

    He seemed a bit discouraged after getting a decent @ss chewing the day before, add to it a long holding time before classing up.

    It came to me and I reminded him that we were sitting in a classroom at one of the most prestigious and challenging programs in the world and that people often dream about even spending one minute at this program.

    I reminded him to be patient for that very reason. It may have eventually come to his senses and if it helped I am certainly glad.


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      Great article; and also too many people do not intelligently work towards their goals but just mindlessly plod on thinking that somehow the more volume they do, miraculously they will somehow break the next plateau, it rarely works that way.


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        Good article. Found an interesting site about how to increase patience:

        The 8-Point Plan to Increase Patience When the Going Gets Tough


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          I think Patience its so important in the life of a martial artist. You have to be patient if you want to become stronger and have a better body. You need to focus on your small achievements in order to have patience with yourself. Try noticing your progress as you go along. Its important that no matter how small your improvements are in your training, you notice your progress in order to encourage yourself to have patience.


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            thanks for the link bro!


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                Hi ....!
                Patience effects our mind directly or indirectly .Patience increase our self confidence . Patience is also very helpful for peace of mind . However great article about patience .