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Quitting Smoking- A Challenge

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  • Quitting Smoking- A Challenge

    Quitting smoking is definitely a very difficult feat to accomplish. But once the smoker stops smoking, he enjoys many benefits.

    While quitting smoking the body experiences several unpleasant side effects. When nicotine supply is cut off a quitter experiences irritability, frustration, increased appetite, headaches, insomnia, fatigue, depression and decreased heart rate. Quit smoking cigarettes leads to a reduction in common illnesses such as colds or bronchitis. Smoking cessation leads to other short time benefits like increased circulation, decreased coughing, increased breathing capacity, better lung functioning and regular levels of carbon monoxide in the blood. The quitter also experiences better breath, whiter teeth, better smelling clothes and hair, yellowness of fingers and nails going away, normal sense of smell and better tasting food.

    The quitter should realize that the body always requires a particular amount of nicotine in the body. When this level decreases in the body, withdrawal symptoms are seen. The lower the level of nicotine, the greater is the craving. Once the nicotine level in the body decreases to zero, the body stops craving. There are many ways to help oneself quit smoking. One must inform friends and family and enlist their support. One can also have accountability with another smoker trying to quit. The harmful effects of smoking should be noted and kept in mind. The motives for quitting should be clear in mind. Cigarettes and other tobacco products should be removed from the house. The quit date should be set. The situations that trigger cravings should be identified. A plan to control cravings must be made. One must also keep oneself busy all the time.

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    A lot many side effects of course would be there! But follow a better process like hypnotherapy, which might help one to cure the habit without any side effects. It might take longer but you will get the best result!


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      Start doing roadwork. Once you start logging those miles, you won't want to smoke anymore.


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        Fill up a jar with cigarette buds and water. Every time you feel like a smoke, open it and take a deep sniff.

        Everytime you feel like a ciggarette, do 20 pushups


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          Yes its a hard thing to but i personally feel that we can get rid of things like that i someone do their best,By decreasing the amount of smokes we take on daily basis we can help our selves and be fit.At the same time that works for us like nothing else.


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            Set a quit day, make it special for you and ask your friends and family to support you. Keep money you would spend on cigarettes and plan for a treat tomorrow. Do not buy cigarettes and avoid going to places where you might found smokers.


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              Smoking very dangerous for the basic organics specially for the liver, lung, and heart.
              By quitting the smoking we can save ourselves from a number of diseases that are because of the smoking..
              But it is very difficult to quit the smoking suddenly. We can stop the smoking only if we have strong determination to stop it and also we have anti smoking environment.
              Maitland Personal Trainer


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                Sometimes why aren't cigarettes banned when everybody knows how harmful they can be?