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  • Senshido and CFA

    2 Gr8 sites for Psycholgy of fighting and self defense. Both these guys stress the pre contact phase as well as the aftermath.

    Check them out and, Senshido's founder Richard Dimitri used to train with and was Tony Blauer's protegé as well, great materials. These 3 are some of the best around including Marc MacYoung and Geoff Thompson.


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    Thanks for the sites. I especially liked the combat visualization article. Unfortunately the Senshido site seems to have moved.


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      Psychology Fighting

      Any site that will help you get 1% better is worth it.

      Psychology in fighting is very importan I think. What does everyone else think?


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        Originally posted by GregG
        Thanks for the sites. I especially liked the combat visualization article. Unfortunately the Senshido site seems to have moved.
        Oh no, it is the real website,

        But if you look closely to the link posted before, a coma was mistakenly included at the end of the adress, that's why it wouldn't work.


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          Psycology is extremely important in Self Defense. And these suggestions are some of the best in the area's of Real Street Self Defense. I woulf Highly suggest reading all their articles and getting books from each.


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            I wouldn't bother with the Franco stuff. The guys a bit of a loon anyway, and the only good stuff he has bears a miraculous resemblance to Dimitri's. And the bit he hasn't copied of Dimitri?

            That's crap.


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              about senshido...

              thai bri is the one who recommended me senshido actually,it is very ''smart'' fighting.I went to take a free lesson downtown and i can tell you..theses guys put aside all the mumbo jumbo and focus on every angle of every action in every situation possible.Putting you through a feeling of déjà-vu when actually going through thoses situations.
              The only thing ,personaly,is that it might somehow create in you this feeling..(maybe its just me) of paranoia which is not so good.But i guess u have to learn to live with it..And i could be wrong since i only took one class.

              As for not gonna go through senshido right now because i cant really afford thoses pricey sessions..But that aside,i beleive everyone should give it a try..Better safe than sorry.


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                about senshido...

                crap i just double posted <---someone delete this please?


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                  Hi mate.

                  The paranoia is a very real danger that is often over-looked. I always try to maintain a sense of proportion. LKife is about risk assessment. When I'm in the bath (knowing my doors are locked and my windows are closed) I don't insist on having a machine gun by my side!

                  But when I'm out in an unpleasant part of town at night? I'm on more of an alert state, and ready to fight or flight if necessary.

                  We need to be aware, not afraid - prepared, not paranoid.

                  Hope that helps!