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  • when alone in training

    is there any way to increase adrenilene, by myself

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    You could try jumping out infront of moving cars.

    Jumping from a height like the top of a house if that scares you.

    Tell your wife or girlfriend you were out late with strippers.

    Oh wait you wanted adrenaline not life or death combat. hehehe

    Try lying on the ground and relax. Then as quickly as possible jump up and start throwing techniques on a bag at full power and yelling as loud as possible.

    That might help a little.


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      adrenaline control

      I used to do something like this to win arm wrestling contests against ppl who would otherwise obviously whoop my ass. Basically, I'd take a few minutes in peaceful meditation. You need to get into a deep state of relaxation where your subconscious is prone to suggestion. Once you get into that state, imagine your veins pulsing in your muscles, feel your breathing become more steady and your lungs expand all the way, and then collapse all the way. Think about the adrenaline surging through your system. Feel it make your muscles bulge. It helps to keep your eyes closed for the first few steps there, as you start to really feel yourself energize, and your muscles pulse with new energy, slowly open your eyes, and begin to focus on your task at hand, attempting to maintain the breathing. It also helps for TRAINING purposes to keep yourself in that "suggestable" state of mind and to tell yourself that you are getting better, and to verbally reinforce any areas you're lacking.

      Last nite I was training various palm strike techniques, and the one "reverse punch palm strike" was feeling more like a "round house palm strike" cuz I wasn throwing it straight. I entered into that relaxed state and as I threw my technique, first in the air, then on the heavy bag, I said "STRAIGHT" out loud each time I threw the technique.

      If you're about to fight/spar, leaving yourself in that suggestable state of mind could be bad, especially if your opponent taunts you, and besides you'd be verbally telegraphing your technique while you're sparring. In those situations, feel yourself build a reserve of "Energy" and tell yourself, once you're out of this state, you'll use this energy to overcome some task. Then leave that deep relaxed state of mind by telling yourself you're leaving that state of mind. The mind is amazing. Don't get all tense, remain relaxed, but not deep enough in relaxation that you're subconscious is exposed to suggestions..

      You can laugh if you want, but I know this stuff works. When you bench 95lbs, and curl 45lbs, and beat a guy who benches 250, and curls 100,in arm wrestling, you learn to recognize its power.



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        Adrenaline increase is a response to stress.
        Its function is to increase the body's readiness for action.
        The amount tat is added to the body is enough to prepare us.
        Anything extra is overkill and may prove harmful.

        Self Protection Association Adrenaline - ... with adrenaline is keeping it within manageable levels. If we experience adrenal release over our personal limit we cannot cope and cease to function properly ...


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          I like Brads response to this, I have often found myself doing that exact thing and it works great. The only other thing that I can add is that if there is a particular song or type of music that can really get you hyped up, listen to it. I listen to everything from classical, to movie soundtracks (Gladiator is a good one) to electronica (hard house, prog trance) to get me going, I feel like it really helps.


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            You may use visualization techniques. Imagine yourself in a situation that truly frightens YOU. Make it as real as you can. Then explode into your drill, etc. when you feel the most threatened.



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              What do you mean when you say "overkill may prove to be harmful"? Too much adrenaline is harmful?


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                I think long term exposure to adrenaline can be bad for you.


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                  I think long term exposure to adrenaline can be bad for you.


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                    It can make you repeat yourself.