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How to do a chi or ki punch

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    [QUOTE]Originally posted by Black Swann [QUOTE]
    Thanks you all
    Why i want to learn a chi/ki punch because no one really knows how to use it and i want to test if I can get it out of my body for using it into a ki punch or kick (healing maybe) i think its most facinating and the coolest thing i have ever seen when i heared some one talking about ki i thought i must learn that because you dont need a style or system to use ki another one why i want to learn ki because i think you dont need to be a martial master for doing it everyonbe knows how to breath calmly i think that most people who know how to control there ki just dont want to tell
    and that dragonball z guy - dragonball z is not to bad but its unreal

    I hope you could help me with more ki training black swann


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      If you are looking to do energy work i would say that chi gung will be your best option.

      Holding a tree is a very good starting point.

      Just raise your arms out infront of you like your holding a big tree - make sure your shoulders are sunk and relaxed, try to feel that each joint in your arms are stretching open (but dont force it with your muscles) Keep your head upright like it is suspended from the top, kepp your knees and feet in line and relax the knees (dont lock them), get the feeling that your feet are like a trees roots speading out into the ground.

      Now breath deeply but relaxed (no forcing the breath) into your tan tien (3 inches below the navel) by this i mean when you breath in imaging energy moving into this point, expand this area as you breath in and relax it as you breath out. breath in and out through the nose. keep the tongue softly pressed to the top pallet behind the teeth.

      I stand for a couple of hours but 15 mins is a good starting point.

      hope this helps.



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        Glad to be of service... If anyone want's to e-mail me my address is below:

        Oh Chris, good call, Chi Kung is EXCELLENT for energy, I agree 100% - another one to havea go at is Tai Chi, if you can find a class nearby.

        Warmest regards

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          Ole chi power does exists just train years and meditate alot