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  • Hosting a tournament

    ok i need everyone's honest opinion.
    I would like to hold a tournament sometime next year and make it heaps big! but da problem is im only 16. Wat do you think? should i go for it or wait?

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    Here's what you should do AFTA-Fighter:

    You should get with your instructor and ask him if there are any schools nearby who he thinks might want to come over to your gym one night and have a friendly 'fight night'. I know this isn't exactly what you had in mind, but it could be fun and you'd meet some people who might be into a tournament someday. Also, if your instructor sees that you are willing to help out and get things organized - he might have some ideas.


    Talk to your instructor about volunteering to help at someone else's tournament. You could learn a lot from someone who already knows the ins and outs of organizing these things and you will have some fun doing it. Again, if people see that you want to learn and help, then they will help you later on.


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      thanks ill give those a go


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        16...Wow! I remember being 16.
        A tournament is a big thing to take on;
        even if it's only an inter-style/league/school, - considering
        the dojo is of any size to mention; re: a good number of students.
        A typical dojo needs 25-30 students.
        Less than that, and the Sensai would have to be honest;
        pending ones' own overhead, you'd really be struggling to keep the doors open.
        We always want them as large as we can manage to accommodate, though.
        Thus, you want to sponcer a tournament;
        ya' got a lot of trophies to buy up front.
        Yes... you're gonna charge 30 - 35 dollars per entry fee.
        Remember...Ya got to buy the trophies up front: 1st, 2nd, & 3rd, & don't forget
        the 4th place medallions.
        How many people are going to enter.
        This is one place we cross our fingers.
        How many spectators will be there. $5 for a little home town tournament ain't
        bad for a spectators fee. Ya' might consider 3 or 4 bucks a spectator though.
        Price of gas is high, and you've got to cross your fingers here too, and a smaller door charge will be inviting; let the door charge be known with the same advertisement avenue, which you must pay for in advance, in order to advertise about the tournament, and it entry fees, to even begin considering it.
        Don't forget the food and beverages that you will need to buy in
        advance, and probably pay some one to cook and serve; and trust with the
        revenues generated from the canteen.
        Don't forget the trusty help with the door charge and entry fees.
        Don't forget the rental/lease charge on the building where the event will be held.
        Make sure the building is big enough to hold everyone, especially if you can
        predict that it's gonna rain, or if it's gonna be swealtering hot, or freezing cold
        outside. You need everyone to be as comfortable as possible.
        Even a small tournament can be a big responsibility.
        Just make sure you have plenty of help lined up, and you plan everything
        accordingly to the "Expected" needs. Sure... you can expect some problems.
        Just plan on "Them", and have alternate plans ready - as needed.
        Good luck young man.
        Go-Dan ~ Bi-Long