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  • Attention All School Owners

    I am offering a $50 kick back to any school owners that promote my national martial arts camp to their students. Its easy all you have to do is hand our flyers in your dojo. It is an increadble camp for competetive martial artists, and at the camp we stress how important it is to be loyal to your current dojo while persuing competition. Here is some Info.

    An awesome Sport martial arts camp is being put together. If you have an interest in training with the best sport martial artists from around the country you should vise.

    To be held at the massive Sacramento Sports Complex, the Ultimate Martial Arts Camp will be the event of the year for young martial artists to train with the top competitors from around the country.

    The UMA Camp for over-night campers will include:

    *Room and board at the Hallmark Suites, only a few blocks away from one of the largest gymnastics and acrobatic training center on the west coast in which the camp will be held.

    *Transportation to and from facilities and events & Pick-up from Sacramento International Airport

    *Supervised after hours activites like Movies, Trick Night, Lazer Tag, Indoor Swimming, and Indoor Rock Climbing.

    *Four Incredible days training and hanging out with some of the top competitors in the country including:

    Anthony Atkins
    Marc Canonizado
    Kim Do
    Sammy Vasquez
    Joey Greenhalgh
    Rudy Reynon
    Chris Devera
    Hans Wikkeling and others.

    Day campers will receive the four days of training and lunch. Day campers will have the oportunitiy to join the after hours activities at an additional charge.

    Installment payment options will be available.

    The details of the camp are in the final process of being organized, but you can view a tentative itinerary at

    Unfortunately there is only room for a limited amount of campers, so please register early.

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    More Information Regarding Martial Arts Camp

    Initially, this sounds like a good camp. The link supplied does not provide information. Please follow-up with more details when available, or provide an additional link.