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please help! opening new school

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  • please help! opening new school

    I have been teaching martial arts out of a community center for several years, but because of complicated politics i need to vacate.

    I'm trying to list immediate costs for a commercial retail spot such as: rent, sign(s), insurance, mats/flooring, chairs, remodeling (office, storage, counter), utilities, mirrors, interior paint

    i'm trying to figure out what my startup costs are and would like to know if i'm overlooking anything. like today, i found out i need to get an excess parking permit because it's a martial arts school.

    also with leasing, what kind of costs are there? such as, deposit/downpayment, realtor fee, etc?

    anybody have any tips or advice?

    thanks for the help

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    you could get some advise from your development coorperatin for your city, talk to the city manager, and possibly talk to the Champer of Commerced. They may have some idesa on a possible building for you. Get a good deeal on the building could save you quite a bit.


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      Yeah I'm in a similar situation. My only problem really.. is trying to afford insurance and safety equipment for my school and students.


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        With leases be wary of the tri-net lease. These can be very bad for you.

        Set up as an LLC to protect your personal assets or at least a corporation.

        Expect everything to cost twice as much as you think it will.

        at one of my schools the electric bill during the summer was $1000 a month. No good when I could have been in a more energy efficient location in a better area if I would have taken that money and added it to the lease payment instead.

        The biggest issue in the beginning is control costs and get out so people know you are there. Not doing that in the past has really hurt my schools and the build it and they will come philosophy has destroyed many schools.

        Stuff you need

        Occupancy permit
        Business license. (city, county)
        Sales tax license
        there can be lots of state things you need as well.


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          My wife gave me a really good book for Fathers day. It is entitled "The Truth About the Martial Arts Business" The authors last name is grugan or grogan.