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  • Advise for a new school owner

    I am planning on opening a new school in Mid March, teaching Filipino MArtial Arts, Tai Chi, Yoga, ans a kids program (3 instructors). Rent is about $850/month about 200 for utilities. HOw much start up cash do you think I need? Any advise on initial advertising, or on how not to flop.

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    I have been running a school for the last four years, and I would say that you need to make a very big production of your grand opening. Get a radio remote on site if you can afford it, and offer something special for the people that sign up that day. You can also do demos and things like that, but you really have to get the public involved. Ask around at the movie theaters and see if they will donate some passes to whatever show is popular at the time, in return for getting the free press of a mention on the air from the radio remote. You can do similar exchanges with whatever activity is popular in your area. Remotes are usually in the neighborhood of $1500 - $2000, and ith them, you'll usually find that stations will include around 30 commercials on their station, and some personal endorsements by DJ's. If the station you talk to isn't willing to include DJ endorsements, ask for them. Most stations will throw them in, and they work a lot better than commercials because it seems like a third party testimonial. I would also highly recommend having some kind of uniform or t-shirt on hand to give to people that sign up. It will keep them excited if they go home with something, and it will help insure that you see them again in classes. To start, I'd suggest having no less than 6 months rent and around $200 a month for advertising saved up. We had $20,000 in the bank, and it was only barely enough to get us through the first year, but then, we didn't really go all out with the radio and newspaper people like I am suggesting you do. The more people you get on your floor, the better off you'll be.
    Hope this helps,


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      Another option for your advertising...

      There are services that will distribute flyers in the neighborhoods around your business for about $100. We have been thinking of doing this.

      Also, specials! Run Specials!!

      We just opened our school 3 months ago and with No Advertising we now have 62 students. It has all been walk in or word of mouth.

      Check with some of your younger students parent to see if they are in the PTA. The PTA usually handles events for the school and for relatively cheap you can have you advertisement put in a school program or news letter.


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        Ive been told that it takes about 20g to start up. I believe this is also money to cover expenses until you get the student base to cover it.


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          Re: Advise

          Your original post was a long tie ago, so I don't know if you will see this reply, but here goes.....

          I would recommend to find someone such as a dance, cardio, or yoga instructor to rent a day or two per week from you. You could even split some days. If they are a cardio teacher, they may want weekday mornings, where a martial arts teacher would rather use weekday afternoons (for people who work or go to school during the day).

          Keep an open mind. You may even want to think of people like art instructors to share your building with.

          The problems are obvious though. Whoever you share your building with will end up with a key to the place.

          I would think it would be a bad idea to share it with a boxing teacher or someone who teaches another martial arts. They would be taking potential students from you.

          If you see this, reply and tell us how your school is doing.