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  • Waivers? today's world of law suits and liability, you gotta do it. I am starting up a training group which will meet at my house and possibly at a rented studio location in the near future. I don't want myself, my landlord, or anyone else in danger of being sued if someone gets hurt. Does anyone have any suggestions on what exactly must be stated. Free advice from lawyers would be nice. Any insights would be appreciated. Maybe we could work together to develop a generic model that teachers could download and have their students sign.


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    Here's some free advice from a law student - don't rely on free legal advice!

    Liability waivers are necessary, but you need to know what they cover and the extent to which you are covered. e.g. - if you are found to be grossly negligent, the court will nail you, regardless of what the other guy signed.

    The laws are different state by state - using a form you pulled off the internet which might be perfectly valid in California might not protect you at all in New York.

    I would recommend paying for a local lawyer's advice - it could save you a ton of money down the road.


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      this is my waiver and membership sign up. You still should have some sort of liablity insurance though