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    thinking about putting profile page of my friends, training partners, and like minded martialists on my website...including pics, accomplishments, history, and training info with each profile, maybe once a month just trying to give ma'ists exposure on the web and create a portal for other wise overlooked talent....any one interested in exposure and self promos?

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    I started off playing Mortal Kombat at the age of 14, believing that real fights took place the way they did on the arcade screen...yeah, I copied Liu Kang's moves and created my own style. Then I evolved to Street Fighter 2, Mike Tyson's Punch-out etc.

    Damn, I was trainin' hard...

    At the impressionable age of 20, I studied Tae bo for a few weeks with Chesty La Rue by video...although, I don't recall actually learning any Tae bo from her.....Impressed with my plethora of new fighting skills, I decided to test them out against other dudes who played arcade games.

    My signature move....the wind-up, haymaker - I wind up about 5-feet away from my opponent, then sort of spin around and use all of my shoulder and arm into one huge haymaker.

    That's right - shoulder AND arm! I usually set it up with some moves that are too deadly for the ring, like telling the dude that there's a cop standing behind him. If it misses, I add some curse words, stomping, football punt kicks etc.

    I found out using my shoulder and arm wasn't enough to KO my kind of just made that smacking noise and they staggered a bit with a puzzled look, so I went on a weight gain program of Mc Donalds and bad ass Cajun Cookin' where I packed on a good 90-lbs in two and a half months...hey, you gotta work smarter, not harder. We gotta have results yesterday!

    I now stand proudly over each KO victory, knowing that a 100-lb weight advantage pays off and am a member of a deadly, martial arts demonstration team (see last guy in vid)

    PS - I'm just kidding
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        any interested persons visit
        only seious inquiries with valid information and histories need pursue
        this will be a great opportunity to network and show off your skills!!


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          funny vid tom yum