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    Hi there!
    You will get the best martail art items in Thailand.Especially for Muay Thai articles their prices are also very reasonable.For example TOP KING they have varoius types of items in great quality.If you think of starting a Martial arts biz you can't say No you really need to have a good gears for starting a training.
    Thailand is like a heaven of Martial arts lovers ans we are known as the good market in the world where you will get all the goods as your wish.
    Yakthai "we open Thailand to the earth"


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      Originally posted by integrityma View Post
      What equipment suppliers does everyone use? My curriculum is mostly built on training the body to be profficient so we use alot of gear. My problem is that most martial arts supply companies tend to carry only low grade products. I can't get decent boxing gloves or even bag gloves from a martial arts distributor. The gloves they have would be laughed out of every gym i've been to. I know where to get good thai pads at retail prices, but can't find anything wholesale that isnt a cheap mockery of the real thing. Training knives are almost worthless when coming from these distributors, and things like batons are only the cheap throw aways. I find myself having to get my gear from five different companies. anyone able to point me to a high quality distributor that deals in focus mitts, bag gloves, shields, training knives, pepper spray, batons, kubatons, air softs, protective gear? help please
      What companies have you look at so far? Dependant on which one, I can put you in contact with some of my wholesalers..


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        Every will be impress your Boxing stuff.

        We have known the official distrbutor of TOP KING Muay Thai stuffs.
        We do get nice boxing gloves,bag golves,protection gears best quality most resaonable price,origanal from Thailand..
        Nobody would laugh anymore.
        Yakthai "We open Thailand to the earth"


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          Muay Thai the great combination of art and combat.

          The newest brand of Muay Thai shorts TOP KING!
          Every shorts made by premium grade material with fine striching, wide legs profestional design always make you comfort either while you are practicing or in your competition and with unique Thai words and Thai stripe will make attractive more than other boxers ever.
          Original from Thailand.
          Yakthai "We open Thaoland to the Earth"


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              I got to ringside for boxing gloves

              Revgear for MMA equipment

              Century for uniforms


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                For top quality jiu jitsu gi's and bjj belts you can buy it from us at Submission Fight Company

                To compare our gi's with Atama and Koral gi's you can visit our Gi Comparison Chart

                And lastly when your ready to order visit our Wholesale Page and send us an email with your order details, requesting wholesale prices.