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  • Classes on Friday?

    I am about to launch my new Muay Thai gym in January 2009 at a Public School Gym in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

    To start, I will only have 2-3 evenning classes per week. I am wondering if it is worth having classes on Friday nights and was hoping that some of you more experieced instuctors could shed some light on the turnouts you get?

    I already have a small circle of "elite" students who have been competing for many years. They are willing to help as assistants.

    The rest of the students will likely be brand new, and I am offering a program that focuses on developing solid Muay Thai Fundamentals (I am a SERIOUS advocate of strong basics) and extensive conditioning. I will also offer a short, 1 hour kids class - so 2 back to back classes.

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    a kids class is a good idea. I've found it a little difficult to have kids under the age of 10 training with the older kids and adults. Because the younger kids don't have the attention span and they pull more attention from the coach. Seperating them out allows the class to grow like it's supposed to. But, I usually try and keep the kids class down to around 45 minutes.

    havning a class on Fridays. I've been doing that for years. I ususally have Fridays designated as a sparring day. Alot of times we don't have enough time to spar during the week and if we don't , we make up the sparring on Fridays. So we have at least on diffenat day that we do get in some sparring. But, it's a open sparring session. Were I do teach both boxing and kick-boxing, so there will be both styles sparring that day.

    But every 4 or so months I do designate a month just for tonning, kata and weapons. I designed 4 levels of boxing were on each level, you learn certain combinations, along with a medicine ball technique. But I use that month to brush up on the medicine ball routines, giving the joints a little rest, but also to fine tune the katas and boxing combinations.