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  • stripe system

    In the dojo that I teach at we use a stripe system to indicate when a student has become proficient at a skill. each belt has 4 stripes and once a person obtaines the 4th stripe they are ready to go on to the next belt.

    this system has worked out well because it tends to modivate students with short term goals while they wait to test for their next belt which is usually 4-6 months depending on their level. the only problem is that it creates more work for the instructors out on the floor because every class we have to check to see if anyone is due for a stripe and find the time durring class to test those people.

    does anyone else use this type of system?
    do you think it is helpful or is it something that you could do without?

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    I do both a belt testing and stripe test. Bt 4 stripes and a belt test for each belt might be a bit hecktic exspeically if you have a big class. But the tests makes sure that the students are learning each individual fighting technique. But some , maybe combined. Or maybe just set up a testing day once a month or every other month. I usually do a test once every 3 months.