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    WR Publishing: The WR Publishing company was developed to help coaches and athletes get there books and training manuals published. This program will also give the ability to get your works printed at a affordable price.

    The publishing site is located at WR Publishing
    Price per page: $ 0.05
    cover (this is for a comb bind and laminate): $ 0.74

    To register your book with the Library of Congress: $55
    To register your book at $45

    At this time I only print in black and white. No colored printings.
    The format I can work with is Microsoft Works or Word (both 97-2000 and 2007 edition).
    Works maybe sent threw email at . If you need a artist, just let me know, we do have a couple of artist they maybe able to help you on designs.
    If your book is to big, you may have to send in a CD, DVD or 3.5 disk and send to the WR Publishing at 507 Niobrara, Alliance, NE 69301
    If your in the area and need help with photos you can contact the main office at phone#: 308-762-3382 or email at

    The reason why I expanded into a publishing company is primarily because of the price that most publishing companies charge. I wrote 2 books and what I was quoted was $450 for the set up, then $15 for each picture to have them edited. And you can’t do that with a kick-boxing book that has over 800 pictures. That’s not cost efficient. So, this company was started to help give instructors a reasonable price to get there training manuals printed or published. Eventually we’ll be able to put together some hard covers. I’m working on a system for that, about got it done. Hard covers, depending on what you want may cost a extra $7 for a standard had cover, on up to $50 if you want a specialty carved or engraved cover. If you running over $300 pages, your probably better off with a hard cover.

    Business Cards: I do have the ability to create business cards. If you need a picture on it, you could send me a picture through a email at or you can choose one of the drawings that I have listed. And I’ll put a laminate on that to help preserve the image. $10 per 100.

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    creating your own training manual, is a way to both binifit your school and student. It give them something to study on there own time and it also gives your school a item to sell to help creat a diversified income.

    I belive a key to starting your own training manual, is to start off by writing down each subject, or area of training, get those jotted down, then explain each part of the training, then befor long you have a 200 page manual. A way for your students to learn, and a guid for future coaches or assistant coaches.