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Making the Summer HUGE for your school!!

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  • Making the Summer HUGE for your school!!

    Hi All,

    New to the forum, so I thought I'd come bearing Gifts!

    Does your school "suffer" during the summer months??

    PLEASE READ and claim these FREE RESOURCES, if you'd love to have a HUGE

    Many school owners struggle through the summer.....with huge declines in
    enrollments, and active students.....while other school owners FLOURISH
    during the Summer Months.

    Why is this??'s not because they are smarter.....or live in "Better Demographics".....

    There are some SIMPLE, POWERFUL strategies YOU can use in YOUR area, that can literally FLOOD your school with new students THIS SUMMER!

    Last week, in our monthly "Inner Circle" mastermind teleconference, I
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    So, in an effort to help Martial Arts School Owners who want to make this
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    I'd be happy to give any school owner a FREE copy of these reports!

    Simply call Bob, or Steven at the NAPMA office to request
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    I'd also suggest you ask about how you can access the special Audio Program
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    Yours for Success!

    Toby Milroy
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    A few things to keep up on during the summer to keep attendance up is:

    give a discoutned cost for paying for summer classes.
    I personally sent out a one month free traning certificate to all past students to try and boost up attendance.

    Keep your students informed of tournaments of all styles, to let people know that there is active tournament throughout the year.

    There is usually some sort of heritage days or some sort of annual city event or carnival during the summer months. Thats a good place to put up a bunch of flyers. One the flyers it's usually best to have a tear off contact info thing. Maybe even ask one of the venders to see if you can put some promotional flyers at there table.

    summer camps are nice, or through in a free training siminar, self defense course, playometric program. This summer me and my students did a volunter class with the local base ball team and went through a plyomentric routine. thats good for the image of the club and you get a little free advertisement. Advertisement can be very expensive, if you can get if free, then take advantage of that.