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  • School Management Software

    School Management Software
    Do you required School Management Software???
    there here is the solution

    Indian Servers has a solution for education institutes
    checkout screenshots @
    School Management Software ,School Automation Software , School Automation , Indian Servers , Indian Pioneers , Free Demo

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    i agree it's good but simple, very out of date


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      How about this one?

      Hi Champion, if you think the thread starter's software solution seems out of date, why not try out this fully online school management software. Disclaimer - I work for QuickSchools

      QuickSchools has just recently relaunched with a totally new user interface, and it's very web 2.0ish, and it only takes less than 5 minutes for an initial setup as you can invite your teachers to help you fill up their own profiles which in turn makes it even faster for everyone to use the system. It is also designed for smaller schools in mind.

      Check it out!


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        Have you seen the latest and greatest in School Management Software? ChampionsWay is a worldwide leader in Martial Arts software and solutions.

        We have recently launched our latest edition of our Martial Arts School Management Platform ... click here for the free trial!