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The importance of downtime

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  • The importance of downtime

    I don't know about you but I thrive on being busy. More times than
    not, if I am not busy doing something, I can quickly and easily find a
    way to use up my free time.

    Usually it is some silly business venture that I am dipping my toes
    into. I always love trying new opportunities whether they pan out or
    not. However, over the past five years of running my own martial arts
    schools, I have come to the understanding that guarding my down time
    is important.

    It is more important than ever. Especially now that I have kids.

    While you have to pour yourself into your business to succeed, you
    also have to realize when you have nothing else to pour out and it is
    time to fill back up. It is alright to put things off for a short time
    if it gives you the necessary recharge to give it due attention.

    Many times, I try to tackle something when I really have no energy
    left. I find myself struggling. I find that I cannot get the expert
    results I expect simply because I cannot think clearly. Or worse, I am
    physically worn out.

    I have gone long weeks of working out, training and really wearing my
    body out. Coming home feeling sore only to crawl into bed and do
    everything over again the next day. That is not healthy. You have to
    strike a balance. You have to find a way to get the important things
    done while giving both your body and mind the time to clear and heal
    up for more battles ahead.

    -The time off for rest keep you sharp
    -The time off helps your body heal
    -The time off relieves stress
    -The time off forces you to be effective with your time