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Random Self Defense and Officials Siminar

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  • Random Self Defense and Officials Siminar

    Hello, this is Scott Bolinger
    Boxing and kickboxing coach out of Alliance, NE. Author of 5 martial arts books and president of the WarriorRage KickBoxing Federation.

    This is a program that could add you your exhisting training program. A free Ebook which could add something different to your training program. I know some times it’s important to mix things up a little bit in your training to keep the kids interested. To get the ebook , go to [] . The home page is at]. I can also email the ebook to you , if you request it. I belive I have it in word 2007.

    Since this is a free program, all I do ask is that you or your organization recognize the WRKF as the sponsor of the program and make aware of the other products and training programs we do have. Which are listed at the WRKF site at http://www.WRKF.usIf I am in the area, I don’t mind setting up a training session to go over every thing in the training manual. If I can’t get to your area, we still maybe able to work something out get people certified in your state and/or country. This course is being taught in at least 4 states in the USA and is growing.

    I personally teach this course and promote safety awareness usually in the month of April as a safety awareness month. I have a couple days out of the week that I set up for free self defense courses. This has been a pretty good promotional program for my gym. New clients get a introductory course and a look at what I have to offer. Some sign up for the regular courses. But if they don’t, a lot of times I get some free advertisement from word of mouth. You can also , usually get free advertisement out of the local newspaper when doing a free training session like this. This combines both self defense training and officials training. If someone just wants to do the self defense, that’s fine, they can leave after that part of the session is taught or stick around for the officials training. People who goes through both parts of the training can be added to the list of officials to help out your program if you put on a tournament or exhibition. You’ll get certified through the WRKF and get a training certificate.

    This is a standard news letter I sent to several newspapers in my area. To help your program you can use this to, just modify it to fit your training time and who is instructing the course.

    The WRKF will be sponsoring self defense classes through the month of April in Alliance, NE. This will be a free class. Classes will be scheduled on Mondays and Wednesdays. The class will consist of both a standard self defense (which could be utilized in law enforcement, for school teacher, human service, security at sports events or general self defense). The second part of the class will be officials training for several combat sports. Which will qualify them and put them on a list of trained officials in the region. A free ebook can be emailed to anyone by request, or reviewed on the website at [] To Schedule a training session, contact Scott Bolinger at 308-760-7346 or at email:

    if you do this as a part of your gym or organization sponsor ship, you can put, "sponosred by the WRKF and _________ organization", then the rest of your promotion.

    You may contact me at:
    Scott Bolinger (WRKF president)
    Phone: 308-760-7346
    Website: [url=

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    tthere is alot of ways to mix your training, this is just a additional way to add a extra program.