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    I am looking for TKD instructor who may already be living in the Florida Keys or is looking to move here. The school which my children attend now will be closing around Jan or Feb 2007 and after long consideration my husband and I have decided to open a school to allow all the children to continue with their studies in TKD. This is a small community and this is the only TKD school here. The instructor after many years has decided it is time for his new adventures in life and we wish him well but my 2 boys have been in TKD for 2 and 3 years and go 4 days a week after school and love it. I know many of the children will be sad to see the school go so I want to keep it going but obviously with a new name and under new ownership. I have many grand plans for the future school and hope to find an interested instructor.

    I would appreciate any guidance from any and all of you regarding this matter. Any direction would be helpful as I truly have no idea where to begin to find someone. Everything else is done, I just need a caring and knowledgable instrutor who loves children and of course adults too

    Please feel free to email me direct at or respond here on the thread.

    Many thanks in advance!


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    Instructors are rare to find as there few people who specialize in the filed of study.But these days people are become very conscious about health and fitness.