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    I was kinda curious. I've never had a person trainer nor really known any that were like "professional." I have met a couple guys at my "mc dojo" that personally trained a few people for some extra $ but they were far from professional, they were roughly my age (17-19) and they basically just told them to do sit ups and such.

    Now, what I want to know is are there any actual requirements that one has to meet to officially become a personal trainer? Like, do I need a degree in something. Is there an actual test or something? Since the hyperlink button wouldn't work for me I will paste the link to a practice exam or something that I saw on a different post on this very form "" Is that actually official or anything? I mainly ask because I really do love to teach and help people but with college and all I don't have alot of time to dedicate myself to a full time job. I figure being a personal trainer I could work a person into my free time, maybe take on 1 or 2 people and help them out during the nights when I am free for a couple hours rather then working 7 hours or what not on even a part time job.

    I realize this post was rather sloppily organized but I really didn't know how to sort this, nor what I really wanted to ask. I would honestly love to get one of you guys 1 on 1 to talk steadily about this topic since this forum is basically my only real info spot at the moment unless you guys can point me in the right direction.

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    What kind of personal trainer are you talking about? It really depends on what activity your personal trainer will train you in. Most you do need a certificate or degree or license, some you dont. All of them you need some sort of training in. It depends on what your talking about when it comes to personal trainers.


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      some states may require you to be certified, and some don't. I'm from Nebraska and they don't require someone to be certified. But to help your students in the best way, getting the extra trainng is helpfull. I took a fitness and Nutrition course online with PennFoster, and it was a allright course. I teach a regular class and I also do personal training out of my home with a live in program as well. Just kind of depends on what the fighter wants. But I specificallyy train for the sport of fighting. Wether it's boxing, kickboxing, MMA, Karate competition or tae kwon do competition.


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        i think most states you have to be certify in something to say "personal trainer", but like here in california, they can say something same, but different, like "private fitness instructor" or something.

        a little bit less than 1/2 of my students are private lesson students. but its not the best way to learn in my opinion, you need variety of sparring opponents to learn how to adopt to different sizes and skills of opponents.

        are you wanting to be trained personal?