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New Edition of world's leading Martial Arts School Management System

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  • New Edition of world's leading Martial Arts School Management System

    New ChampionsWay Management System Release

    After an 11 year run as the Martial Arts industry’s most popular management software, MAS software has finally met its replacement.

    Built on the hottest new platform for business apps – PerfectMIND – the ChampionsWay App has been released specifically for the Martial Arts school owner who wants one system that can handle it all in one place.

    When asked about the difference between MAS Software and the new ChampionsWay App,*VP of Sales Jon Malach explains, “There was very little that MAS Software couldn’t do, so in addition to adding some key features like Multi-Style Rank management we focused in a few main areas which were allowing users to work both online and offline, reports and dashboards that had no limits to what they report on, the ability to automate any task or communication effort you want so you can keep managing your school in your own unique way but with much less effort, and of course making this app do everything that MAS did but better!”

    In addition to the enhancements in school management tools introduced to the industry by the ChampionsWay App, the PerfectMIND platform that powers the app also introduces new technology that the industry’s elite have already agreed will be revolutionary to how schools will be managed.

    “With the introduction of the PerfectMIND App Store, we have packaged the true power of the world working together on the internet and are delivering it to Martial Arts businesses. Already the App Store has apps for popular programs like Quickbooks, Outlook, and Google. Soon, we will have integrated Apps that work with some of the other Billing Companies so school owners have the choice of having several companies serve them through one streamlined system. There are lot of great thinkers in our industry, and PerfectMIND is going to be the canvas for them to illustrate through easy to use Apps how they feel schools can be more successful. The potential is endless, the future is exciting!” says CEO Farid Dordar.

    Click here for a summary of features available in the latest release of the ChampionsWay App or to sign up for a free trial

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