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  • Martial Arts Planet forums - crybabies? Opinion please

    Hi guys. I am new here cause the guys at the Martial Arts Planet forums banned me. I am saying that so you can decide if I have a grudge or not.

    I joined over at MAP forums about 5 days ago. I went in and talked about what I believe in in the various areas of the martial arts. I had a run in with the mod. I voice my opinion strongly. He had a problem with that. I asked him openly in the forums to please talk to me if he had any problems with me.

    I went to a particular post and posted my opinion.

    Then Yoda, the head of the forums, posts right after my post "Giggle".

    Maybe I am overly sensitive. Laughing at someone who said something is disrespectful where I live. What do you guys think?

    So I posted that he was a guy that did not know martial arts and he should come back to the thread in about 10 years.

    His response was to make another insulting post to me, then ban me before I could reply. Isn't that the act of a coward? Say a bunch of mean stuff, then run away or close the door or ban the person so he cannot respond?

    As if that wasn't enough, his posse of fellow administrators also posted derogatory things about me in the thread. I was not allowed to respond to any of them.

    Being a martial artist who, when some coward yells names, I chase them down and confront them. So I reregistered and sent personal messages to the people. Out of respect for their feelings, I did not post in the public forums. I thought that we could work it out as adults in the private email.

    That coward Yoda banned me, then banned my IP address.

    Do you think he was justified to do what he did? He was publicly disrespectful to me by laughing at what I said.

    You guys know that the students always follow the teachers example, right? If that Yoda guy, as the forum admin, laughs at what I say, everyone else will think it is OK to make fun of me. I had no choice but to openly challenge him.

    Think of it this way. We are at a martial arts seminar. I get up and talk about my style of fighting. This guy Yoda who is another instructor at the seminar then laughs out loud after what I say. Isn't that obviously disrespectful? I don't know about you guys. At the martial arts seminars I go to, I have seen teachers almost start fighting because they disagreed on something simple like how a kick or punch should be done. If one of the people at the seminar laughed at these instructors, the instructor would beat the guy up to show that he was a fighter, that his style was good, and that you better not disrespect him.

    Do you think a real martial artists who was confident in his abilities would ban a person, or would they keep talking until the problem is resolved?

    Thanks for reading

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    hmmmm, I have no idea if they were justfied. But it's their place and their rules. You can say what you want, and they can disagree. If they don't like you they can ban you.

    Depending on what you will say you may be treated disrespectfully here as well. For instance talking about chi, or how taebo can take on MMA will probably get you laughed at by the posters.

    It probably won't get you banned unless you become a pain in the neck for us.

    as for beating people up who do not agree, that is childish and sad. Most people who know their stuff works pay little attention to those who make comments and show their ignorance.

    have fun posting.


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      I have no problem with disrespect. I am used to rude people. They seem to be in the majority.

      My specific problem was that, as admin of the forums, it is my feelings the man Yoda needed to be held to a higher standard of conduct than the regular forum members. If he is the admin, he should be above the actions of the people he administers. Yet, in my opinion, he was as rude as they were. I felt he was wrong. Maybe I should have decided that there is nothing special about him. He is just some guy with admin tacked on after his name. No one to respect or look up to.

      pain in the neck is such a subjective term. If I disagree with you, am I a pain in the neck? Does it depend on if you have had a bad day? Admins are supposed to be people that are better, that is why they are admins. They are not supposed to react to the issues that affect regular users of forums.

      I am flabbergasted by the bit about how people beating others for a differing opinion is childish etc. The entire planet earth is inhabited by male human beings who attack when they are threatened. Like Yoda attacked me when he felt my knowledge was threatening his authority. It may be childish. It seems to be the route chosen by 90% of all men that I have ever met.

      These men that resort to violence would laugh at your opinion they were sad and childish then beat you to a pulp. Maybe I was around really bad guys. I am beginning to wonder if my experiences in the martial arts are more unique than I had thought.

      Just as an example, I would like you to approach a young street gang of asian, black or latino men. I would like you to engage in a discussion with them. Then I would like you to look them in the face and strongly contradict whatever opinion they advanced. Tell them they have no idea what they are talking about. Then stand there, do not run.

      I think you will return to these forums with bruises and broken bones. The street gangs where I live beat people for fun. If you challenge them, they would probably kill you.

      As I said, maybe we inhabit different worlds, different cultural areas. I would guess you are a white guy living in a safe white area, surrounded by well off white people. White people are all about talk and what is right etc. They have no connection with the real, brutal world that the poor people live in.

      The type of world that produces people like the Gracies in Brazil, or the Russian and Croat mad dog fighters. Russia and Croatia are both hard countries to live in so they produce hard men. Men that will knock a person down in a heartbeat at the first sign of a challenge.


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        Let me share a story with you to make my point.

        Once upon a time there was a Muay Thai seminar. The seminar was taught by a Muay Thai fighter from Thailand. Thailand is a poor country where it is a hard life for most people. This is one reason that Muay Thai fighters are so strong.

        During the seminar, people asked questions about Muay Thai. This was before it had become well known like it is today. One man did not think that Muay Thai made sense. He asked a lot of questions. Then, at one point, he said that he did not think the Muay Thai was good.

        The Thai man needed an interpreter to understand what was going on. The interpreter told the Thai man what the questioning person said. This questioning person was a person who had paid money for the seminar. People like this frequently feel like they are a guest in a hotel. The seminar people are dogs to be used for the money they have been paid.

        So the Muay Thai fighter strolls over to the man who is presenting a problem and shin kicks him in the face. The man goes down and asks no more questions. Funnily enough, no one else asked questions anymore either.

        The Muay Thai instructors authority had been openly challenged. He was forced to shin kick the paying customer in the face to retain the respect of the other customers.

        Yoda openly challenged my ideas. I had no choice but to publicly state that Yoda needs more time before he truly understands martial arts. I had to "shin kick him in the face" verbally to retain the respect of the people that I wanted to share my knowledge with. The other forum members.


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          see you missed my point. talk is cheap. Disagree with me. So what, I could care less.

          Somebody gets in my face and yells, so what, when it comes down to it they need to put up or shut up. Why not just one street thug. Why would I disagree, Why not just walk up and shoot him and walk away.

          I am not so much worried about the people who talk it is the quite ones that know they have nothing to prove that are really dangerous.

          Let me tell you a story. Someone once followed me home while I was out running, they thought that I was the person who had broken into their car. Shortly after I was inside, I hear someone beating on my door and yelling. When I opened the door we had a "discussion" the man finally calmed down. That was good for him because I had a loaded gun in my hand hidden behind the door. had he decided to escalate he would have been dead.

          around he we don't care if you are a moron. but if people are complaining about your use of profanity, off topic posts, continually talking about how one style beats everybody else no matter what. Could eventually get you ban.

          Many of the people that have been here or are still here have been challanged. Burton has been challenged recently and has invited them to come to his school where he can video tape the event. And he has done so respectfully the other has not been so courteous.

          Matt Thorton was challenged and video was made of the event. It was interesting. I believe the vid is on

          There is a concept that you learn in self defense. I did not say martial arts I said self defense, It is called an equalizer. So you are a boxer, fine but a knife will still cut you. Think you are a tough guy, sticks can do damage. Think you are street fighter, getting shot sucks.

          So then my bosnian students would fit your Croat definition correct. Challenge my ideas is one thing, threaten my life is another.

          read what this board is about and you will have a better understanding about what we talk about here.

          good luck


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            thanks for input

            [QUOTE=eXcessiveForce]see you missed my point. talk is cheap. Disagree with me. So what, I could care less.

            Somebody gets in my face and yells, so what, when it comes down to it they need to put up or shut up. Why not just one street thug. Why would I disagree, Why not just walk up and shoot him and walk away.

            around he we don't care if you are a moron. "

            I don't really follow your post to well. You seem real angry and mean. I don't really understand all the stuff about using weapons to hurt people or what it has to do with the topic at hand.

            It is good to know that no one cares if people are morons here. You are right in your first sentence when you say the best attititude is "so what, I could care less".


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              Hear unless you're a real pain or extremely offensive you can stay. That attracts real trolls but along with them tons of people who want the right to talk about martail arts in an open fourm without mods that ban you if you disagree with them over some petty stuff.
              Got myself just banned from MAP, they thought peoples would go emotional if I didn't agree with some of them saying X (non filipino, no known fighting record) is the greatest fma teacher in the world and he should come to the Philippines to teach the real filipino masters...there was a misunderstanding and they banned me... Anyway i agree with 2h, there seems to be more freedom on than in other forums and less political correctness.. proof is shervinc is still posting .


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                Originally posted by HandtoHand
                ...paxbaculum...banned me for "trolling". ...He also went and insulted me and stuff like that and i couldnt respond because i was banned...
                I'm still trying to figure that one out, he didn't seem to have much respect for you from the very first. What did you do to get on his bad side? I browsed your posts and coulddn't find anything other than your usual intelligent mindless drivel .

                Anyway, he really lost me when he started posting pictures of his "Sharpie" marker with a bunch of twine wrapped around it.(LOL).


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                  Personally I just find it amusing that after getting banned Happeh went on a short tour of a couple of other online forums to complain, and refers to MAP as the crybabies.... Bit of a hypocrite if you ask me.

                  Especially when you consider that the main reason Happeh was banned was for sending insulting/threatening PMs to several members of the forum, myself included. I've already responded to this once on another forum, so I'll just repeat my post to make sure the matter is at least seen from both perspectives:

                  Hi again Happeh, I think I'll tell my side of the story.

                  Happeh was making some fairly bizzare stuff, like secret kung fu techniques hidden in dragonball z cartoons, which some of us had a bit of a laugh at. After this, Happeh decided that he'd go insulting various members of the forum, including a moderator of that forum and one of the administrators. Before this little incident it was found that he had lied about his DoB when applying to join the site, and he took great pride in rubbing this fact in, calling the moderator in question an idiot (see post #44)

                  I don't know the full story of what happened next, being a moderator of a different section, but I would assume he was cautioned for his actions. At this point he decided to PM several of us with less than civil content, for which he was banned. Now he seems to think that we're the cry babies for following the rules outlines in the user agreement of our forum.

                  I would recommend that people read the thread I linked to and also view the general quality of Happeh's posts before forming an opinion on our site.


                  NB: All of the above is a personal view. I do not claim to speak for the staff of MAP, and I am not responding in any official capacity. As I mentioned, this incident occured outside my moderation area.

                  EDIT: Forgot to mention: kry, you aren't banned from MAP, you've just been "sin-binned" for swearing after a caution. You can still view the forum, but your posting rights have been temporarily suspended. If you want to continue discussing things, you're more than welcome to, but keep it clean. I've not looked at the posts myself, not being interested in FMA (yet), but another mod has told me this information. Contrary to some opinions, we generally aren't ban-happy (I could obviously do something with this involving the original poster, but it would be too lame) but we do want to keep the conversation suitable for our younger readers.



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                    Happeh, you are a knob!


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                      Lets all "ban" together!


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                        speaking as a moderator and owner of another forum

                        members shouldnt get into a heavy debate eith mods.

                        i, do not mind the mmebers of my forum to debate me on anything.

                        i have a grand tolerance.


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                          Originally posted by Aegis

                          Especially when you consider that the main reason Happeh was banned was for sending insulting/threatening PMs to several members of the forum, myself included. I've already responded to this once on another forum, so I'll just repeat my post to make sure the matter is at least seen from both perspectives:


                          Well what do you know? One of those MAP crybabies stuck his head out of the safety of the MAP baby crib. Too bad you don't have the courage to have this discussion in front of the MAP members.

                          I sent threatening messages? Lies. Bald faced lies.

                          ...Well heck. I read the rest of the post and it is about the other guy. You are a crybaby Aegis. As are the rest of the mods at MAP. I was banned because Yoda and the other mods cannot deal with someone who knows things they do not.

                          I talk in a non traditional way about Martial Arts. I like to use examples from everyday life to make understanding easier for people. I use movies or cartoons or pictures or TV shows. Anything that might help people understand. I talk alot.

                          Those MAP guys? They couldn't stand it! After a month or so, people started talking to me like I had something to say. The MODs got jealous and started closing the threads I started. "That doesn't belong here", "That is not martial arts".

                          Because their ego's could not deal with an outsider getting attention in the MAP forums, I was banned. I was banned for standing up for myself. Yoda wrote me a message saying "Prove to me I should let you back". What? That sounded to me like "Get down on your knees and stick your head up my butt and I will consider letting you return".

                          Aegis, you and the rest of the group over there are cowards who ban people so they cannot expose your incompetence and lack of self confidence. If you were the badass you think you are, as a kung fu man, you should be able to verbally best me in front of MAP members or anyone else.

                          This is not about who can fight better. If you want to say "I will kick your ass for what you are saying" you probably can. I never claimed I could fight better than you guys. I told Yoda I was certain he could kick my ass in an attempt to calm them all down and let them feel superior. I figured if I acted real small and said "You guys can all beat me up", that they would stop feeling threatened by me and leave me and my posts alone.

                          Didn't work. Still got banned.


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                            Originally posted by Troll Virus
                            Happeh, you are a knob!
                            You want my knob? Sorry, I am not like that. Though I did hear the funniest story about knobs yesterday. I burst out laughing it was so funny. I don't know what the rules about sexual talk are here so I better not relate the story.


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                              IMHO, it is not in good taste to bring your problems from one forum to another.

                              So you were banned-so what?

                              A proverb;

                              Mind your own thoughts-they beome your words.

                              Mind your words-they become your charecter.

                              Mind your charecter-its becomes your actions.

                              Mind your actions-they speak louder than your;

                              Happy posting